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Gymnastics, Cheer & Dance Team Photography


Because we’re on a mission to boost confidence.

“I’ve been all over the country and seen photographers that are trying to do what you do and no one comes close! You’re the best I’ve ever seen!”
-Jimmi Pratt
All American Gymnastics

Sometimes all an athlete needs is that little reminder of how awesome they are. Our company was developed because we saw how motivating it was for athletes to see themselves in pictures that make them feel like a rockstars. Our team images are inspired by professional athletes and Nike ads! Now our mission is provide this experience to gymnasts, dancers and cheerleaders.

Below, meet Betsy…after years of hating her hair, she realized how beautiful it was after seeing this image of herself. Who knew a little photo like this would be a perspective changer?

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We shoot to order so that we get exactly what the customer wants without wasting extra time on shoot day.

Image Quality

What’s the point of all of this if you don’t get photos that can inspire! We’ll always shoot for quality. Not only in images but in customer service too! We’re not afraid! Compare us and you’ll see!

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Easy as 1,2,3! Jump on and in 6 minutes you’ll be all set for picture day. Order from your phone while you’re sitting at the gym waiting for your kid!


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Sit back and let us handle it! We know what it takes to run a stress free shoot.


Gyms get a ton of free advertising because parents rave about their kids with these photos.


Beautiful images that make athletes see how amazing and talented they are.


Hear parents and athletes loving their experience with us.

It’s all about the fun

How we Roll

We spice things up

Popular Products

Each year we offer something different in our upper packages. So make sure to get it this year because it just might not be there the next.

Disintegration Effect

We take parts of the body and make it look like it’s floating away. These are one of a kind and won’t be here next year!

Gymnastics Journal

Currently only offering a journal specifically for gymnasts. Dancers and cheerleaders be on the lookout for next season. We customize the front cover with your athletes image. Open the pages to find questions that inspire deep thoughts and help keep the focus.

Metal Print

Only offered for Dance and Cheer this year. See how cool your images looks on metal!

what They’re Saying

Gym’s that love us!

As owner and operator of club USA Gymnastics World, let me be the first to say that this photographer is beyond incredible! Not only is the photography and artwork itself state-of-the-art in every way, but communication with their clients individual needs and preferences is definitely a top priority of theirs. We have over 100 athletes photographed every year which I know must be a HUGE undertaking for them, but each year somehow the work design gets more impressive than the last. The design team works closely with us on deadlines which I’m sure is not always easy. I can’t say enough good things about this business! We’ve been with them for 5 straight years now and have no intention of getting anyone else. Thank you thank you!! Great work!

Gabrel Conner

Black Diamond Sports Center in South Jordan, has utilized Purple Moss Photography for our team pictures and events for the last two years and the results have surpassed our expectations. Carrie and her staff have bent over backwards to make sure our families and staff are happy with their photos and covered our Laurie Hernandez fund raiser with professionalism. We will continue to use Purple Moss for all of Black Diamond Sports Centers photography needs.

Melanie Wysong

Carrie took our team photos today at our our busy gym. I was so impressed with how much time she took on each girl in their individual and group shots. Even after hours of shooting, she continued to compliment and encourage their smiles and poses. She has a great eye for detail and an amazing knowledge of gymnasts and their poses.

Kimberly Daniels

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