Our Story


Our Mission

“My gymnasts taught me how to build my own confidence, work through my fears and develop my passion for teaching.  I owe a lot to them and miss them dearly.  Thank you to all my gymnasts for entrusting me to guide you to the confident, beautiful and strong women you’ve become.”  – Carrie Mann

We know why our job is so important.  Our youth struggles with confidence and it’s our mission to help you show them how beautiful and special they are.

It all started when founder, Carrie Mann, wanted to expand what she was already doing for her own gymnasts she coached. She loved building their confidence and showing them with photographs how amazing they were.  She saw positive results and knew that the images hanging on their bedroom wall reminded them each day to be that person they saw looking back at them.

Carrie developed her gifts and hand selected us (her team) to join the cause.  Four years later and thousands of athletes, we now see and hear the amazing feedback of all of our efforts.  We’ve done a lot of things that have worked and a few that haven’t (no one gets off scott free without a few mistakes) but we’ve learned from them and continue to improve all the time.  We are so honored to serve the community and build confidence in our amazing athletes!

The image to the side is Carrie’s last team she coached at her gym in Richfield, UT.  It’s here to remind us of our roots and the athletes we do this for.


How we serve parents

Quality and service are a must! But that’s not all, keeping the ordering process simple and making sure you’re informed also is a huge part. Most of all working with your athletes and making them feel good about their craft is what lights us up inside. Check out our FAQ page for more details.

How we serve Gyms & Studios

• 5% of the proceeds or special requests.
• Coaches headshots of the teams we photograph.
• Printed and digital copies of all of the team posters.
• Digital images of all the orders purchased for you to advertise with.
• An experienced team dedicated to making the whole process easy for you and make you look good!

Our Dream Team

This would not be possible without all of these talented, wonderful people.

Carrie Mann – Founder/President/Lead Photographer
Eric Haymore – IT Specialist
Cassandra Loveless – Editor
Lindsey Black – Marketing
Amy Bond – Lead Editor
Virginia Black – Organization Specialist
Lauren Davenport – Editor
Kelsey Farley – Photographer
Esther Aboussou – Executive Assistant

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